Reminders of Love

The other day, my husband came back after running a wonderfully nerdy errand for me at the public library. He decided to pick up some food and a secret surprise of COFFEE on the way back home. He then proceeded to tell me how he noticed someone in NICU scrubs at Starbucks. She was looking a bit defeated so he went up and chatted with her for a bit. Apparently, she had started her job at the NICU around the time Shane was there! What a coinky-dink! He chatted a little bit more with her and bought her a $20 gift card to help put a smile on her face as she went into work that evening.

That moment – when he was talking about how he hopes he made her day a little better – reminded me of why I fell in love with him. Every time he brings home a sleeve of Oreos when he knows I’ve had a bad day or makes sure I get my coffee in the mornings if we’re out on an outing, he reminds me of his goodness. Every time he gets up and helps me with babies’ baths or whatever – even if it is begrudgingly, he reminds me of his kindness.

He’s a sweetie, my hubby.


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