“Kill me now.” 

It’s an expression I’ve been taken a bit lightly recently. I only half mean it since I’m mostly out of my mind delirious from my normal interrupted 5-7 hours of sleep as well as holding a 24lb baby for the better part of 5 hours every day since last Friday. 

I keep reminding myself that it’s not an expression to take lightly and I’ve been attempting to substitute it with “Lord, give me patience.” But sometimes what I just need to express is anger and frustration. I’m sure there are better expressions out there. “HALP”, “WHYYY”, and “MEHHHHH”. All weekly favorites. 

Just so tired. Exhausted. Hubby has been incredibly supportive these past few days in my recent meltdowns over leftover cake and a “missing” charger. Some weeks are just insanely harder than others. Some days are worse than the day before. I just need to keep in mind that this is where I need to be right now and it’s always exciting to watch the babies learn something new everyday. ​


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