The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Good Days.
Bad Days.
Most of them are sprinkled with Ugly Thoughts.

“I hate my life.”
“I am useless.”
“I am a failure.”

Ugly Thoughts are the worst.
They don’t do anything but bring you down.
Useless Thoughts, they are.

Ugly and Useless.
These Thoughts need to be replaced with opposites.
Hopeful and Bright.

“I am a survivor.”
“I am and will always be loved.”
“I am happy to be me.”

Hopeful and Bright Thoughts will lift you up.
These Thoughts will breathe life into your seemingly dark path.
Lights the way to peace, these Thoughts do.

Just remember to breathe in Hope,
And breathe out the Dark.
This is how we survive.


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