Shane has been throwing up and spewing diarrhea all day. He’s also been incredibly lethargic and listless. I think the longest he’s been sitting up today is for about 30 min while he drank some milk. He is drinking when he’s awake. But he’s rarely awake. It’s only been 15 hours since his first vomit, but it terrifies the crap out of me seeing how limp he is. Brings back awful memories of his first year of life. It doesn’t help that I’m also in the midst of some sort of sickness and throwing up my guts every few hours, too. I just get so scared, which I’m sure is every mother’s reaction to her baby’s first sickness. Terrified it may be something more than just a mild case of food poisoning or sickness. Scared of being that one in a million case of everything going wrong in a child. 


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