Humility and Sacrifice

I don’t think our generation knows enough of these two traits. 

“Sacrifice”. We say this word, but don’t fully act on it. We “sacrifice” for our family, but we also cling to our past lives as individuals. We “sacrifice” for our spouses yet put our own happiness and comfort first. 

I feel like in the past, our parents sacrificed. They truly sacrificed. They came from other countries to give their children everything. They left everything behind. They left who they were to become someone they needed to be whether they wanted to or not. I feel like sometimes I’m not doing what I need to do for the betterment of our babies. I feel like I’m still trying to cling onto the shred of who I was before I was married with kids. Futile, I know, since that person has long gone. I don’t think I’ve come to the grips of who I need to be yet and what that all entails in fear of losing who I am or was. 


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