Little acts of love

It’s in the kisses on the forehead before he leaves for work in the morning.
It’s in the immediate jump from his computer when I ask him for help.
It’s in the little treats he brings home on the days he knows I’ve had a rough day.
It’s in the paychecks that prove his hard work and dedication to this family.
It’s in the moments where he plays with the babies.
It’s in the stillness where he’s scrolling through his phone trying to decompress from his customer-service-rich days because he doesn’t want to chance his frustrations being taken out on us.
It’s in the, albeit grudgingly sometimes, agreement in going on walks or adventures with us on his days off.

He loves us.
We don’t do grand gestures of love.
We don’t even go out to nice dinners or dates anymore.
We’re just.. in love.

And I can’t be more thankful for him.


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