I can’t even 

I saw a tweet about a bison running over its own baby to survive a hungry wolf pack. 


I think that’s why I can’t ever go back to who I was. I used to have so much empathy- so much care for others, for animals. But now, I just turn a blind eye. I’ve become callous and seemingly heartless. But I think I’ve finally realized why I’ve become this bitch. 

If I take all these heartbreaking, inhumane tragedies, and let them break my heart, I don’t have enough heart for my babies and my family. I’m just not that strong to care for the world and my family. I only have the strength for my family at the moment. How can I serve my family if I am empty? This little strength of being selfish and ignoring the world is what I need to fuel me and survive everyday. 

Does that make me an awful person? Or does that make me just a parent? 


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