Broke and Sad

Mountains of debt. I feel it crushing our relationship. This money thing is no joke. Tuition. Credit card bills. Utility bills. Rent. Student loans. Savings. Emergency savings. Mortgage down payment savings. How are we supposed to survive in this economy?

Childcare is through the roof.

But let’s be real. I could get a job, put babies in childcare, and get about 5-10% back after paying the nanny or center. But is it worth it? I probably should for my sanity. But am I ready?

How can I want something so badly yet not be ready for it?

I know there is a day where the babies will have to leave me, and I will learn to cope with that. But should I rush it like I should or should I just stick it out and just attempt to survive until I’m forced to be ready?

This is just a sad little rant of a confused mind. The little baby has awoken. I must go. My thoughts only last for moments at a time until they are interrupted by a baby. Maybe this is why I can never truly sort out my emotions and thoughts.


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