I was such a witch to the hubby today. 

I know he’s tired. I know he works hard all day dealing with stupid customers and angry people. I know he just wants a few hours to himself.

But I just can’t seem to help myself. I get so frustrated when he takes an hour to unwind after work before he comes back down because there is so much that needs to get done. I just can’t seem to stop myself from groaning and stompin around from anger and frustration. It’s like all those pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones are still rattling around and fluctuating about in this body. It’s been 9 months. When will it go away? When will I stabilize? Will I ever go back to the way I was? 

Maybe it’s nutrition-based since I have been eating pretty shoddily lately. Maybe it’s lack of exercise. Maybe it’s just the toll of sleep deprivation. 

But I am so thankful for my hubby. I love him so much for supporting us and taking on that burden of finances. I want to just hug him and thank him and tell him all the things he is most wonderful at every day. But all that seems to come out are huffs and puffs and groans and snarky comments and requests to help and do things and reminders and nags. Hopefully he understands. Hopefully he doesn’t hate me. Hopefully he’ll love me through this. But I know, hubby, I know. I’m being a complete and utter witch. 


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