The Glades

The Glades is actually a pretty good show aside from all the ridiculous notions of a single mother being able to work as a nurse while attending medical school and dating a cop. It’s also ridiculous the way the show ended. Ridiculous.
On another hand, I feel like every time we’re in a good place either financially or emotionally, life comes around and smacks us in the face. This month, insurance is still kicking us in the ass – apparently baby Dom’s insurance was denied because of nonpayment. We never received a bill. We applied in December. They sent us the bill in Feb. We moved in Feb and since we didn’t call them to let them know a change of address, it’s our fault. Even though we had 30 days to make the payment after we enrolled which would have been in Jan. But they sent us the bill in Feb. When we moved. And because it didn’t get sent back to them, they’re saying it’s our fault that we didn’t pay. Even though we never received a bill. So they cancelled it. We had to reapply through MD Health Connection, BUT because we’re going into the application again, they’re changing the application. And MY insurance still hasn’t been activated for CareFirst because APPARENTLY there have been miscommunications between me, CareFirst, and MD Health Connection. MD Health Connection apparently sent over my application material to CareFirst. CareFirst doesn’t have a record of me. MD HC cancelled my insurance due to nonpayment. I never received a bill. I never got added into the plan. CF doesn’t even have a record of me. Still. WHAT. THE. FUCK. I mean, honestly. “You’re not supposed to receive a bill.” “But then how am I supposed to know when my plan begins and how much it’ll be? ALSO can we talk about how we are still receiving bills for baby Dom’s delivery and birth? Like WTF.
Money isn’t everything, but it can really make a life easy.


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