The Librarians

I’m watching the pilot episode of The Librarians. It’s pretty much Indiana Jones meets Doctor Who. It’s very odd; not awful, but it’s definitely odd. Christmas has come and gone. Shane’s first Christmas! I want to do traditions. I want to stay up on Christmas Eve and wait until midnight to open our presents and eat cookies by the fire and fall asleep to A Nightmare Before Christmas. This is what I did with my family. Fond memories. Now it’s all family gatherings at the in-laws. They have their own “traditions” and want us to join. I understand wanting to become this big family, but they don’t embrace me or my family. The last straw for me was their utter disrespect at my wedding. The photographer they hired packed up and was about to leave after photographing the husband, me, and his family. They acted as if my family wasn’t even there. After that, it was pretty much over. I wanted nothing to do with them. I will be civil when necessary, but there is absolutely no desire to join their family. I like his extended family, but really dislike his parents. I honestly hate my in-laws. It’s awful. And I feel bad, but they do things every time we meet that turns me off them. Anyone else have major issues about their in-laws?


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