Christmas Cheer for All

Dog has been misbehaving the past few days and pooping all over the living room. Literally. It has been awful. If I’m not cleaning Shane up, I’m feeding him. When I’m not feeding him, I’m napping. If I’m not napping, I’ve been cleaning Cody’s poop. If I’m not cleaning Cody’s poop, I’m entertaining Donte. When I’m not doing any of that, I’m trying to find the time to shovel food into my mouth. I’ve been lacking on sleep within the last few weeks so I’ve been sleeping through my alarms. Shane’s been getting fed at 1a or 2a when I am about to go to sleep then again at 6a or 7a when I wake up. It’s awful because I feel like he’s been crying at night and I sleep right through them! With all his appointments, his feeding times have also been all over the place. He’s normally supposed to eat 7-8 times a day, but it’s more like 5-6 times. I feel like an awful mother. He hasn’t been gaining the weight he needs and they’re thinking about putting him on a higher caloric diet. I also haven’t found much time to pump so I haven’t pumped much. I pumped once yesterday and I believe twice the day before. Not pumping. Not sticking to my schedule with Shane. I feel awful. On top of that, the household chores are slacking. Dishes have been in the sink for two days now. The clean laundry is in a container waiting to get folded and we have yet another container of laundry waiting to be washed. House hasn’t been vacuumed in about a week; hasn’t been swiffered within a few days. I just feel run down and tired. I don’t even know how people can help.


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