Single Mother

I’m a married single mother.

Today’s vent is about grocery shopping.

My husband is never home. He works long hours. When he is home, he doesn’t partake in anything. Once in a hot while, he will MAYBE make dinner. I understand enjoying your hobbies and wanting to relax when you get home after a long day, but where is the line drawn with hobbies? When are you allowed to get upset? After a few hours, after a few days, after it hinders your role as a father? I get why he plays his games and why he does it for so long. He’s on a team and he has practices and such, but really? He can’t go grocery shopping with me? He can’t watch the baby while I go grocery shopping because he has noise cancelling headphones?

VENTING. I am extremely frustrated.

I shouldn’t have to drag my husband to do errands with me kicking and screaming. I shouldn’t have to force my husband to spend time with me. I want him to want to.

We didn’t even get the cat’s food today. Nor did we get the dog’s antler.

I’m so torn between blowing a deep fuse within my brain or sucking it up and bottling it up for a breakdown session at another time.


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