Appointments, appointments, appointments galore!

Home Health Home Visit on Friday

Urology Friday 330pm

Pediatrician Monday 1030am

Cardiology Fri Dec 9 at 930am

Genetics Wed Dec 17 at 8am

Neurology Fri Dec 19 at 1015am

This is a little insane. I mean, I know this is all for Shane and to monitor his development and such, but goodness.

Feedings are every 3 hours. 12 and 6 are his PO feeds; 3 and 9 are his NG tube feeds. I still have to pump every 3 hours. I have to feed the dog, walk the dog, make sure the dog is not destroying anything in the house, and make sure the cat has enough to eat and drink. On top of taking care of these babies and myself, I need to make sure the insurance for Shane has gone through and is active, household duties (cooking, eating, cleaning, organizing), making sure my husband has some sort of a relaxing day after his long day of work;, and sleep at some point.

We ordered pizza yesterday since I was insanely lazy to do anything. I did not get any sleep two nights ago because I was making sure Shane was okay at the hospital and asking the nurses last minute questions. I did not sleep much last night since I was trying to stay awake and make sure I was doing okay for Shane. In my midst of freaking out and trying to figure out a schedule and such, I passed out and didn’t wake up for Shane’s 3am feed! I MISSED MY BABY’S FEED. I cannot believe I didn’t wake up to feed my baby. Of course, as soon as I woke up, I prepared for his 6am feeding and he seemed perfectly content with that.

I am feeling particularly overwhelmed.

It’s also snowingSNOWING. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and it’s SNOWING. Stupid polar vortex.

I’m exhausted. We’re running out of food in the house. I need to get a schedule down for my family.


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